Bakery Pellets

Do you mix your pig feed on-farm? Bakery Pellets is an appetising, starch-rich product for pigs, made from bakery products including biscuits, pastries, dough, bread, flour and chocolate. It also contains a percentage of more customary raw materials and barley as a carrier.

We produce Bakery Pellets using the unique Food-for-Feed® procedure. High-grade by-products from the foodstuff industry – in this case, bakeries – are processed to create appetising, easily digestible Food-for-Feed ® raw materials.

Five advantages of Bakery Pellets

  1. Consistent quality;
  2. Appetising flavour ensures a high feed intake;
  3. High feed conversion rate thanks to fine starch particles;
  4. Low phosphorus content;
  5. Minimal health risks as enterobacteria are destroyed by the pelleting process and mycotoxins are below the detection limit.

Feed recommendations:

pigs: 5 – 40 %

Shelf life:

Three months

We supply:

  • pelleted (suitable for storage in silos)
  • bulk or
  • loose bulk

Nutritional values (average content in grams per kg dry matter)

Nutritional values
Average content in grams per kg dry matter

Average content in grams per kg dry matter
Dry matter 90%   Calcium 1.7   Dig. Lys. (pig) 3.1
Crude protein 119   Phosphorus 3.1   Dig. Meth. (pig) 1.7
Crude fat 96   P v 0.7   Dig. Meth.+ Cyst (pig) 3.7
Crude fibre 32   Potassium 4.8   Dig. Trypt. (pig) 1.2
Crude ash 43   Chloride 3.6   Dig. Threo. (pig) 2.7
Starch 468   Sodium 2.6   Dig. Isol. (pig) 3.4
Sugar 120   Magnesium 0.9   Dig. Leu. (pig) 6.9
Linoleic acid 20.3   Inorganic sulphur 0.1   Dig. Val. (pig) 4.6
Linolenic acid C18:3 2.3   Deb (Na+K-Cl) 122 meq   Dig. Hist. (pig) 2.3
Lauric acid C12:0 6.3        
Fatty acids C4-C10 2.2