Whether you are offering trimmings, dough, syrups, sauces, products that need to be chilled or packaged foodstuffs, together with you we will find an appropriate logistic solution for the most efficient collection of your waste streams.

The benefits for you

  1. We arrange the transport for you. All you need to do is contact us*.
  2. European coverage thanks to partnerships with dedicated transporters (including part-loads);
  3. Packaging can be arranged in consultation. We offer a range of different packaging;
  4. Easy loading; the vehicles have a truck-mounted forklift.

*We serve the Netherlands, Belgium and the border regions of Germany using our own fleet. We will agree the collection frequency and system with you to suit the product, perishability, your situation and specific requirements.

Service within 24 hours

In the event of calamities such as malfunctions or downtime, we are at your door within 24 hours – for full and part-loads.

Detailed breakdown of supplied products

  • All the products you supply to us are detailed.
  • You will receive an overview listing the total weights so you know exactly what product and waste streams have been collected. This information can be used to reduce waste in the future.