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Sow farmers depend on high feed intake in the farrowing house and a flying start for weaned piglets. Feed intake is often insufficient, which results in a difficult period for piglets.This causes issues in the piglet barn. Prevent problems such as post-weaning diarrhoea and other unpleasant consequences of insufficient feed intake before and after weaning. Nijsen’s approach to piglets with Forti Go enables you to put a stop to these problems.

We believe the following factors are important
to achieve the desired results:

  • Good feed intake in the farrowing house. Our guideline is to provide 400 to
    500 grams of feed per piglet in the farrowing period. Achieving this quantity
    gives a higher chance of good intestinal health, which makes for healthy
    piglets that can consume feed properly.
  • Good feed intake after weaning. Our guideline is that a weanling pig should
    eat at least 75 grams of feed on the first day after weaning. An average of
    300 grams per day is then recommended for a total intake of 2.1 kg of weaning
    feed in the first week after weaning. These quantities guarantee a good start
    for a piglet in the most critical period of its life.

A strategy is chosen based on the farmer’s needs that suits the farmer and their wishes. This is worked out using a feeding schedule with the relevant manual that accompanies the strategy.



  1. Very good feed intake
  2. Very tasty and easily digestible
  3. High gut health
  4. Lower feed costs per piglet
  5. More even litter size/composition
  6. Certainty: monitoring growth data

give your piglet rearing
a boost

Forti Go geeft uw biggenopfok een boost

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