Sweet Syrup Premium

Unfavourable harvest times. Too dry or too wet grass and maize that is too low in sugars. All factors that have a negative impact on silage quality.

As a result, dairy farmers may experience the following problems:

  • Too much waste feed;
  • Poorly preserved silage;
  • Low feed intake;
  • Low NEL:
  • Fresh cows with a negative energy balance.

In other words: extra work and lower production.

Sweet Syrup Premium can help you compensate for, or even prevent, these issues.

Four advantages of Sweet Syrup Premium

  1. Promotes preservationthe high sugar content stimulates the growth of lactic acid bacteria;
  2. Less waste feed: Sweet Syrup Premium enhances the taste of less appeasing silage to encourage a higher feed intake;
  3. Extra energy for silage with a low energy value;
  4. Reduces a negative energy balanceuse as an energy drink for (fresh) cows; dissolved in water cows will readily drink it as part of the TMR or at the feed barrier.

Do your fresh cows have a negative energy balance?

Restore the balance with Sweet Syrup Premium!

Prevent production losses caused by a negative energy balance.

Boost energy levels with Sweet Syrup Premium.

  • As an energy drink dissolved in water*
  • Via a MultiDos dispenser
  • Via the mixer feeder
  • Added to the feed ration using a pourer

* Recommended dose rate: energy drink: 3 litres SweetSyrup in 30 litres tepid water | Flavour booster: 0.5 to 1 litre/cow | To increase sugar content: 7-8% sugar/kg dm.

Ensilage and reducing waste feed

Sweet Syrup Premium can be used universally on your dairy or beef farm all year round. As well as adding sugar to dry silage with a low sugar content, it adds flavour to less appetising rations for a better feed intake and less wastage.


Do you get more waste from certain types of silage than you would like? Add Sweet Syrup Premium:

  1. Using the mixer feeder/robot
    Mix it directly into the TMR. Added advantage: the minerals will stick perfectly to the ration. For improved feed intake.
  2. With a pourer
    No mixer feeder? No problem! Sweet Syrup Premium can be easily added to the ration using a pourer.


There are various ways to add Sweet Syrup Premium during ensilage:

  1. Apply to the windrows before chopping;
  2. Scatter in layers over the silage in the clamp;
  3. Add via the silage chopper.

Extremely suitable for (dry) mixed silages.

Snoepsiroop Premium is ideaal voor inkuilen, energiedrank smaakmaker minder smakelijke kuilen.

Not enough sugar? Preserve better.

Sweet Syrup Premium
to your silage and say goodbye to wastage.

snoepsiroop premium voor rundvee smakelijke rantsoenen nauwelijks restvoer goede conservering kuilvoer

Do you want to know more?

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