Food for Feed for Food


Surplus and waste

We produce Kipster chickens and pig feed form waste and rejected products from the bakery industry.



Surplus production and waste are collected from large bakery concerns according to a strictly monitored production.


High grade

We produce safe, high-grade feed for Kipster chickens and pigs at our feed production plant.


Nutritious and appetising

Kipster chickens eat this feed and lay tasty eggs. Pigs need less feed for growth.


your meal

Enjoy a delicious egg of piece of meat that has placed a substantially reduced burden on the environment.

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Chain partners

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Hospitality & Retail

Nijsen is the only specialist in the Netherlands to process by-products from the food industry into unique Food-For-Feed raw materials with which our feed makes the difference.

Nijs work

As the only compound feed manufacturer in the Netherlands, Nijsen has been processing foodstuffs such as bread, biscuits, candy and flan into unique, circular (pig) feeds for over 30 years. Our unique Food-For-Feed® raw materials make the difference in return and sustainability for all parties in the chain.

Nijsen connects the food industry, farmers, processors, retailers and NGOs: nijs to meet you!

Dividing is multiplying

Nijsen believes in sharing knowledge. That is why we regularly issue a newsletter with updates and facts.